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Salmon Fishing with G'day Charters

10% discount for active duty and retired military on our salmon fishing charter

No half or 3/4 day charters.  We fish for the whole day, departing at 7am.  

PRICE:  $325 per person (We book 4 maximum unless a party/family up to 6).

We fish with 4 rods out (downriggers and divers)

Email us at to book

and we can send you an invoice for your deposit

**We do sell Derby tickets on board**

NOTE:  There may be an added fuel surcharge if diesel prices exceed $4.50 per gallon

          WHAT TO BRING:

  • Fishing License

  • Layered clothing

  • Rain gear (optional)

  • Rubber boots (optional)

  • Food, snacks and drinks

  • Please leave your fish cooler in your vehicle

King Salmon (Chinook) are the first to arrive in Prince William Sound, as early as May, and can be found all summer long.  King Salmon are the largest of the 5 species of Pacific Salmon.  They have been caught upward of 45 pounds in the Valdez area.  They are commonly around 15-25 pounds.  


King Salmon


King and Chum Salmon


King Salmon

Pink Salmon 3.jpg

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon (Humpies) can be found in Prince William Sound mid-June and are normally present near the Valdez shores by the first weekend in July.  Most people prefer to can or smoke the pinks.  Average size is about 6 pounds.  

Silver Salmon (Coho) can be found in Prince William Sound as early as mid-July and are prevalent in the Valdez Area by the first week in August.  The run is usually over by the first week of September.  Pound for pound, the Coho Salmon are the most acrobatic and provide the most fight.  They average between 8 and 18 pounds but can be larger.  We have personally landed one at 21 pounds


Silver Salmon


King and Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon (Dog or Keta) are also occasionally caught in Prince William Sound and are very tasty when smoked.  (the first and third fish in the photo are chum, the second and fourth are kings)

 Sockeye Salmon (Reds) are also occasionally found in Prince William Sound but are not abundant there as they are in the Copper River, Kenai River and other areas of Alaska and

are therefore not targeted by salmon fisherman in Prince William Sound

NOTE:  We do NOT fish for Halibut

Out of state (non-resident) clients 16 years or older MUST purchase a fishing license BEFORE BOARDING the vessel.  If you purchase it online you must print a copy and sign it for it to be valid.  In-State (resident) clients 18 years or older MUST purchase a fishing license before boarding.  Anyone may purchase a daily or seasonal Valdez Salmon Derby Ticket aboard our vessel.  

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